MAG 5 Boulevard : Master Plan

Stretched in the landscape of Residential District, the master plan of MAG 5 Boulevard is developed in the area of 8,000,000 sq ft of land. It is a beautiful residential community crafted with enhanced leisure and luxuries. The master community is planned with 13 well-established residential towers along with 1 retail complex to fulfill all needs of its residents. Primary schools, hospitals, European style garden, community activities, and universities are already projected in the master community of Dubai South.

Optimum green space and open area is projected in the community plan to deliver suffocation-free and pious ambiance to its residents. Placement of UAE’s biggest park, The Linear Park is set in the backdrop of MAG 5 Boulevard offering beautiful and mesmerizing views of the surroundings. It is the land which remains green forever and people would preferably feel close to nature while living in these residences. The entire community can be covered on the foot and it is fringed by the expansive landscape and The Green Belt of UAE.

MAG 5 Boulevard : Master PLan